Display to Highlight Vette Rods

Here's something new and unique - Chip's Choice 2018 will feature Vette Rods! Vette Rods are Corvettes that have been enhanced to include the old style/look of the original Corvette yet give it a personality of its own. Of course then behind the aesthetics of the car a Vette Rod also has enhancements that may include improved handling, comfort, brakes and performance, all to reflect the owners ideas and style. Vette Rods have become a tremendous hit to many enthusiasts because they are FUN to drive, look great and reflect whatever the owners/builders imagination consists of. Corvettes at Carlisle is pleased to showcase the best of the best Vette Rods in existence and we’re excited to showcase them during Chip’s Choice 2018. If you know anyone that has a Vette Rod that would make a nice addition to this exciting display, please have them send us their vehicle information!

If you own a Vette Rod, APPLY ONLINE today for consideration.

For at least one example of what we are looking for, check out the link below. It's an article from Super Chevy on a Vette Rod owned by Jason Lemek!

In case you were wondering what Chip's Choice is, it's our annual special display that is showcased within Building T. Named after our late company co-founder and National Corvette Hall of Famer Chip Miller, this display embodies the best of the best in the Corvette hobby. A different theme is promoted each August at Carlisle.

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