Movie and Car Take Center Stage Honors in 2018

It’s been 50 Years since Steve McQueen tore up the big screen in Bullitt. Combine that with the fact that Ford enthusiasts are loving all the hype that comes with Bullitt Mustangs, and 2018 has the perfect showcase display just for you! Not long ago, one of the original Bullitt movie cars was discovered and its current owner is planning to have it restored. In addition, there are rumblings of something Bullitt related from Ford coming soon, plus a prominent automotive author has been working on something Bullitt focused, including the car and its die-hard fan base.

The all-new Bullitt Mustang has been reveled and you can check out that video below, plus links to register for the 2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals. See what it's all about in person starting June 1, 2018!

The DEADLINE to register/apply for consideration is March 31!

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