Spend 2018 with Ford’s Modern Compact Car

Focus your attention on this; 2018 will feature a display of Ford’s modern compact car, the Focus. The Focus, which originally debuted in Europe for the 1998 model year, took the small car market by storm in the early 2000's globally. It won the North American Car of the Year in 2000 and the modern day 2017 Focus RS took home Autoguide's car of the year this past year. The car made it's real fame in the 1999 Monte Carlo Rally with Colin McRae and Simon Jean-Joseph at the wheels of two Focus rally cars prepared by M-Sport. The car racked up numerous wins, championships and manufacturer's titles until it was replaced in 2011 by the smaller Ford Fiesta in rally racing. That early fame transferred into many video game titles and into the emerging younger car enthusiast markets of the early 2000s. The car made it into such titles as the Fast & Furious franchise and even family hits like the Shaggy Dog. Ford and many aftermarket companies took advantage of this unique new vehicle in their lineup. Ford built an SVT version of the car from 2002 to 2004 as well as many special edition Ford Focus models from the Kona Edition which was a partnership with Kona bikes to a partnership with Sony in their own special edition. Ford would later debut the RS and ST models in Europe which would eventually make it over here into the North American markets. Fame would once again find the Focus as it became the highlight of many motorsports videos piloted by driver and professional hooner Ken Block.

The Ford Nationals is partnering up with many of the enthusiasts clubs that surround this car for this anniversary. Participate with your car on the showfield by signing up via the link below. Also there will be a unique display featuring the Ford Focus in Building T throughout the event weekend.

While the deadline for consideration has passed, you can now see many of the great cars that will make up this display online. Check them out online now and in person starting June 1!

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